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Help Us Spread the Word!

Blog It Promo Card 3A

Download, print and share with friends and colleagues to get them blogging too!

Blog It with QR code1A

Click HERE or on the Card Above to get a PDF with the Full Size Image

Want to help us spread the word about #NPHCBlogIt? Save the image above to your computer, print, then share at staff meetings, Ed camps and conferences. The QR code links directly to
NOTE:  A QR code reader is needed to read the code. There are many free apps on the app store. The one we recommend is the Kaywa app. Simply type in Kaywa QR Code Reader into the search bar.<br.

Below you will find the badges as they become available. Badges can be earned throughout the event by completing challenges.

NPHC BlogIt Challenge Badge 2015B
Badge #1 – Earned when you sign up to be part of the #NPHCBlogIt Challenge 


Contact Jena or Beverly / @JenaiaMorane (Twitter) / @BevLadd (Twitter)