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How It Will Work

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NPHCBlolgIt – How It Will Work

Welcome to NPHCBlogIt! We are very excited to be reading, writing and sharing ideas with you. The following is a breakdown of the five weeks. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us (emails at the end).

LENGTH: 5 weeks
START: November 2nd.
END: November 30th.

Each Week Has FOUR Parts

Part I
Weekly Discussion and Activity page – Posted Sunday afternoon/evening to the site. We will email all participants the link as soon as the page is up. We will also post it to the NPHCBlogIt Google Community.

Part II
Two Weekly Live Readings and Video Recordings of The Not Perfect Hat Club with Jena
Two live reading and Q&A session with Jena will be recorded and posted for all to see. We will be randomly selecting classes to take part in the readings. See instructions below.

Part III
Weekly Twitter Slow Chat
A question to start the discussion on Twitter each week

Part IV
Opportunities to Connect with other classrooms for Live Chats via Skype or GHO

NOTE: It is up to each of you to find and connect with other classes to blog with. The NPHCBlogIt team will be dropping in on and commenting as we are able (see Part IV below).


Part I. Weekly Discussion and Activity Page
The Discussion and Activity Page will serve as the backbone for our collaboration. Here you will find:

  • The link to the recording of the live reading
  • The week’s Twitter Slow Chat topic
  • The reading of the week – The chapters we will all be reading and discussing from the book
  • The “Question of the Week” – This is meant to serve as the starting point for all the classes so you have something in common to talk about.
  • Additional questions for discussion
  • Vocabulary
  • Suggested creative activities, resources and links

Part II. Live Readings and Q&A with Author Jena Ball
On Monday of each week, Jena will do two live readings from The Not Perfect Hat Club. Three classes from each time zone will be randomly selected to participate in each reading. We have done our best to accommodate all the various time zones:

Reading Time #1
Monday: 8:30 am PST/10:30 am CST/11:30 am EST,  12:30 pm Argentina, 4:30 pm UK

Reading Time #2
Monday: 11:00 pm EST – Tuesday: 8:30 am India, 11:00 pm Hong Kong & Singapore, 2:00 pm Australia

If you would like to have your class selected, please sign up here:

If your class is selected, we will contact you with instructions about how to join us.

Each reading will be recorded and made available later that day on YouTube.

Part III. Weekly Twitter Slow Chat
Each week we will post a question related to the reading to get the chat started.  Please feel free to expand or change topics as the conversation grows. We will be using the hashtag #NPHCBlogIt, so please be sure to include that hashtag in all your replies so we can see your Tweets.

Part IV. Opportunities to Connect via Skype or GHO for Live Chats
We encourage you to reach out to one another to find blogging partners and to set up live visits using either Skype or GHO. To help you find one another, we have compiled the list below and will update it as more folks join near the end:

NPHCBlogIt Participants – 2015

Please take photos, video, and share written highlights with us. We’d love to celebrate your visits with you.

Miscellaneous Stuff

If you have not yet decided on a blogging platform, we are recommending The founder has graciously offered to upgrade all participants to a pro account for FREE.

To register, go to:

To get the code you will need to access the free upgrade and instructions contact  Jena or Marty at the emails below.





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