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NPHC BlogIt - Announcement2


The #NPHCBlogIt Challenge was conceived as a way to get children between the ages of 6 and 13 to fall in love with storytelling and explore the idea of being “Not Perfect” by crafting stories of their own.  Blogging and Vlogging (the video version of blogging) are wonderful ways to open students’ eyes to the world and teach important literacy skills. These include everything from traditional reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar to vital 21st century skills that include digital citizenship, appreciation of differences and multi-media storytelling.

We chose to work with second through fifth grades teachers and classrooms because so many teachers believe in and use blogging to teach core literacy skills and because the education network is now global. This means we can not only encourage individual classrooms to blog, but connect those classrooms with others around the world. This will expose students to a variety of cultures, countries and ways of seeing and being in the world, as well as provide opportunities to get and give constructive feedback. Nothing is more powerful than knowing your words are being read and have an impact on another human being.

We will be reading, talking and blogging about the topics in The Not Perfect Hat Club a book about what it means to be perfectly Not Perfect by Jena Ball. The book was written as part of CritterKin’s “Not Perfect Hat Club” program, which is designed to foster empathy, kindness and respect while teaching  kids the all important lesson that no one is perfect.

To Sign UP, click HERE or visit the “Sign Up” page:

To get details about the Challenge  (grade levels, schedule, books, etc.), click HERE or visit the “How To” page:

To find out how you can join the ongoing discussion about what it means to be “Perfectly Not Perfect,” click HERE or visit the “Guidelines” page:


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